Allegedly, unhinged males are planning to randomly assault women on April 24th. Here’s what I know about it so far.

When I first checked my messages on Instagram and saw that a mermaid sent me a TikTok post about National Rape Day, I seriously dropped my jaw for at least five minutes. I don’t use TikTok often so this was completely new to me. I scrolled through a few YouTube videos and posts and even news articles and found that this all started a few years ago. Some people calling it a hoax and making jokes about it but a lot of people BOTH MEN AND WOMEN seem really unnerved by this. From what I have gathered, National Rape Day originated from a video game called Rape Day .I did some digging and found an article published in 2019 about this game. Here’s a quote from the article that I found on theconversation.com

“A graphic new video game called Rape Day, set to launch in April, triggered a swift and widespread public outcry.

Created by an independent developer, Rape Day is a set in a zombie apocalypse, where the player controls a protagonist described as a “menacing serial killer rapist”.

Rape Day is a “visual novel” – players choose from a variety of sequences of still images that contain written dialogue options and prewritten story choices.

And the rape of women is encouraged to progress the plot.”

So it seems that a bunch of gamer incels might have started this creepy trend. I saw one video on YouTube claiming that TikTok did an investigation and found no evidence that this is real but just as many videos claim that males are really planning to finally act on this next month. I think it’s important to also mentioned that April is Sexual Assault Awareness month and that a few women on TikTok are claiming that this is just retaliation. This is the first video that I saw, sent to me by one of the mermaids:

Of course after seeing this I started searching for more videos and I found a video by a woman who’s Youtube channel is “Trauma Talk” and in my opinion she seemed to take this lightly and even laughed while talking about it. It seems like her take on this was that it’s not real, it’s a hoax, and that she hates to see men threatening violence against potential rapist…🤦🏿‍♀️ This was so fucking confusing to me. Women need to finally realize that this whole ‘love and light’ shit will get you KILLED! I don’t understand the need to stop men from protecting women by any means necessary. I don’t understand having empathy or sympathy for a male who would even joke about a rape holiday. I think it’s ridiculous that we even have to worry about something like this being real but it’s even more ridiculous that some women our so clueless and delusional and simply refuse to see the collective of males for exactly who they are. I don’t have time to go through the not all men spill because it’s pointless and the men who are not predators will simply not be predators, regardless. I’m not tiptoeing around any man’s feelings. The truth is most men are predators in one way or another. I think is very scary for women to face that fact and that’s where the joking and being delusional stems from. It is very hard for heterosexual women and mothers of sons to face this sick truth about the collective of males. It’s much easier to live in a fairytale bubble and tell yourself over and over that you are safe around them. And the crazy thing is deep down inside you know that you’re not safe and that’s why you’re careful when you’re walking on the streets. That’s why you’re careful when walking into a parking garage at night. That’s why you lock your doors and windows, especially when you live alone. That’s why women don’t jog at night. That’s why women text each other to say “I made it home safe”. It’s because you know what they are and you know what they WILL do to you. But waking up every day and putting on a happy face is easier when you can just play dumb and that is fucking dangerous. Smiling and telling women not to worry about this because it’s not real instead of talking about why this was even something to joke about in the first place might be some kind of coping mechanism? Maybe? It’s weird as hell though. Here’s the video and you all can judge for yourselves. I found the chuckles creepy and cringy. But watch for yourself 🤷🏽‍♀️

I have three more points to make before I go

  1. One thing that was mentioned and the cringy video above is that stranger rape is rare. This does not mean that you should let your guard down around stranger males. You should always be cautious of any strange man no matter how nice he seems. But it is not as common for a strange man to grab you in an alley or break into your home and assault you. Again, THIS CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE AT ANY TIME, but most victims know the rapist. It’s a friend or a family friend or a boyfriend or neighbor or someone that you work with. It’s important to realize that rape is a constant threat simply because males walk the earth freely. Every human born with a vagina should take self defense classes and learn ways to stay safe. I can post a self defense list tonight but it takes more than just carrying a weapon or taking a class. If you choose to remain in la la land you are setting yourself up. The smartest thing that a woman can do to protect herself from the risk of sexual assault is to open your eyes and actually see men for the first time. Being a phone sex operator has given me access to a lot of creepy predators and they give me details about their victims. They tell me who the raped or molested, they tell me when it happened, how many times, they tell me when they plan to do it again. I do not know them. I usually cannot successfully report them. I tried before and the cops basically said that it’s roleplay/fantasy and that he has a right to engage in roleplay with an adult. Without any real evidence they can’t punish a man for calling a phone sex line and expecting me to do my job. I deal with this by recording them and playing the recordings in my Shadow Side of Men course. At least this way I can expose as much as I can about them and show women the truth about men. And yes, I do charge for this course. I used to expose men for free on my Facebook page and Youtube channel but I got soooo much hate mail from WOMEN! Death threats, doxxing and insults from WOMEN! Women were angry that I had the nerve to burst their bubble and make them see men in a way that they couldn’t handle. Women were so disturbed that I said that the men who called me were married and most also had kids. I got a lot of “Not my husband” comments. I was called an uneducated whore and WOMEN even bought my nudes and posted them online for free. Single women were angry too because they are so desperate for a knight in shining armor to ride in and save them from the single life, and telling them that men have sick fantasies was just unbearable. It’s why I stay away from delusional male obsessed women. It’s also why I now put my valuable information behind a paywall. I’m a cam model also and I have videos of men doing unthinkable things to their own bodies. Married men. Fathers. Brothers. All of them. If you would like to witness this for yourself just register for my Shadow Side of Men event. Here’s the link

I still have 2 more points to make.

2. Let’s talk about why this was even a thing in the first place. Observing males and their excitement when they talk to me about molesting children has helped me to understand something that most sex workers know but most vanilla women cannot grasp. Example, a man will call my phone sex line and ask me if I was ever molested or raped. If I say no they seem uninterested but if I say yes there’s heavy breathing, the voice changes, they want all of the sick details. They want me to relive the trauma. If I pretend to cry that excites them even more. If I tell them that I don’t want to talk about sexual assault they will purposely call me and start a conversation about something basic and then slowly steer the conversation towards sexual assault. If they sense that I am disturbed by this conversation they go onto even more detail and sometimes even give me names of the victims. Then enjoy making women uncomfortable. It’s no different from a guy getting too close to you on the train or in a grocery store line. Making you uncomfortable energizes them. Energy is very powerful and fueling and men are aware of that. Most women are not as aware of this and that is why so many women waste energy and time on unworthy males. I want saw a video on Instagram other guy playing a voicemail recording of his girlfriend screaming at him about not answering the phone and he was dancing while listening to it. Her anger excited him. He enjoys it. Women sometimes come to my clubhouse room and talk about horrible experiences with ex boyfriends and multiple women say that when they cry their boyfriend would either laugh or remain unbothered. This kind of sickness is not exclusive to men. I have dated masculine women who have been this way also. They get off on making a woman angry because they are empty inside. Energy Vampires are real. I don’t know if males actually plan to rape women on April 24th but I do believe that they will because men have taught me that. I put nothing past them. I have a long time customer who is fucking his dogs. One of my callers is fucking his elderly father. I put nothing past them. They will definitely do it if they can find a way to get away with it, and still might do it if they feel that they will get caught. But even if National Rape Day was only meant as a joke it’s important to understand that the purpose was to cause panic in women. Period. That alone should be reason enough to give males the side eye at the very least.

3. WHAT ARE THE SO CALLED “GOOD MEN” GOING TO DO?? Since it’s “not all men” where are the unicorns? I saw a few videos from males responding to NRD & most of them are just telling women to stay home on April 24th. That’s it sir? That’s all ya got? I support the males who are saying that they will beat and kill the incels who are even thinking about raping women. I personally don’t care to hear males telling me to just stay inside. What about the women who can’t stay inside? What about the women who are not on social media or never even heard of NRD? Women need to start holding males accountable when they refuse to seriously protect women and children. If they can’t take real action to keep women safe then stop talking to them. Stop smiling at them. Don’t fuck em. Don’t make eye contact. Don’t be pleasant. Don’t engage. Stop giving them your energy. Remember how valuable that is and refuse to bless them. It’s necessary.

I’ll keep watching and following this topic and I will update soon. PLEASE be safe and smart mermaids. TTYL 🧜🏿‍♀️

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