Some of you can’t handle my content because you don’t like the truth. I have asked the ultra sensitive fairytale living ladies to please unfollow me. I’m not giving trigger warnings on my blog. If the truth is triggering to you then this is just not this space for you. Heauxlistic Therapy is about dealing with the uncomfortable truth and facing reality. Heauxlistic Therapy is for adult women. I don’t write for a little girls.

Sis, are you having sex with a man? If so, have you asked him about his possible attraction to other men? For the longtime mermaids this discussion is not new. I regularly talk about men and their secret sexual attractions to other men. I also play my phone sex recordings in my SSOM course & allow the mermaids to hear this for themselves. Men have confessed to me time and time again that they fuck other men. They are not only secretly attracted to other men, they actually fuck other men. They do it at the gym, they fuck their friends, some men have even confessed to fucking other male family members. One of my married callers told me that he was having an affair with his father in law for years. His wife was clueless and just pleased that her husband and father were so close. If only she knew just how close. One caller told me that he was having sex with his own father and even engaged in some sexual acts on a public bus. He told me the whole story and I have it recorded. It’s not up for debate. Men love fucking other men. Got it straight from the horse’s mouth. If you would like access to this kind of information you can register for my Shadow Side of Men course here:

A few days ago a mermaid reached out to me and sent a tweet from a man admitting that most men are bisexual. This was not at all surprising to me because they are very vocal about it with sex workers. I knew that eventually they would start telling the truth all over social media. I have seen so many posts like this on Instagram and Twitter. Are you ladies paying attention?

I believe that this truth is coming out for two reasons. 1. The world is just more accepting these days & 2. Many women are now open to dating bisexual man. If I’m being honest, most of the women who date bisexual men seem to be liberal. Liberals are big on acceptance and equality and not hurting anyone’s feelings and having a big ass worldwide Kumbaya so I’m not surprised that liberal women are more accepting of bisexual partners. I remember years ago I saw far-left women on Facebook shaming other women for not wanting to date bisexual men. It was really toxic and weird because everyone has a right to say no to anyone. A woman can reject any man regardless of the reason and no explanation is necessary. I believe it was around 2015 that I saw this big debate online and all I could do was read the comments and shake my damn head. The far-left women were calling the naysayers “biphobic” and accusing them of hating the LGBT community. Well as a faithful member of said community I disagreed so I jumped in briefly and explained that not fucking a man is not the same as hating him. Men are not entitled to dates or sex and women are not cruel because they choose not to date bisexual men. Of course I got a lot of heat for this so I just decided to mind my damn business. This was before I got into sex work so I didn’t fully understand the Shadow Side of Men yet BUT… I knew that this would come back to bite those women in the ass. The asses are bitten. Here is a clip from an article that I found on, dated Nov 2019

if you would like to read the entire article here’s the link

This is how I see it. It’s totally fine for the kumbaya far-left women to date bisexual man. Totally up to them. But when you try to force other women to do something that they don’t want to do for the benefit of males you are playing with fire. Males already feel entitled and they are very aware of their male privilege. They don’t need any help from you. They don’t need women fighting for them. Also, it’s dangerous for a WOMAN to fight for a man’s right to a woman’s space or attention or vagina. THIS IS EXTREMELY FUCKING DANGEROUS. I remember wondering if the kumbaya women actually hated the naysayers. The amount of envy and disgust that it must take for a woman to demand for another woman to allow a male into her space, and threaten to shame her if she refuses. Like how sick are you? Why can’t you just be the hole for bisexual men to masturbate themselves with if that’s what YOU choose. Why do you feel that you have any right at all to force other women to do it too? These women were literally foaming at the mouth and throwing out that Biphobic word in every sentence. Wild times indeed.

Now I see women online begging for the real hetero men to please stand up. I guess it gets cold and lonely when the bi men choose to move on to someone that you cannot compete with.

I think that the point of this blog post is to point out the boldness of bi men these days, and also to celebrate it. I’m happy to see more people living in their truth. If you are a heterosexual woman you should be happy to see it too. Shaming gay and bi men back into the closet is just plain silly. Accept their truth and stop being so damn judgmental. It might limit your options but it’s still best to know. This way you can choose to be with him or not, and not end up shocked or heartbroken later. The gay & bi shaming is also dangerous. Anybody remember Jane Waughfield? She allegedly had sex with a guy friend and a few years later caught him having sex with a man. Instead of just minding her damn business she decided to try to blackmail them for $5000. When they didn’t pay right away she hopped her country ass on facebook live and basically outted them! She used every anti gay slur that her little brain could think of. She seemed angry that he had sex with her 2 years ago and was now having sex with a man. Ok first of all, he’s not your man sis. He was a hook-up & he is free to fuck whoever he wants. You had sex with him 2 years ago. Relax. Or…. did she believe that he infected her with HIV? I actually discussed this on my Youtube channel a while ago. I believe that after her sexual encounter with him, she probably found out that she was HIV positive. She probably didn’t know who she got it from and chose to keep quiet about it. Fast forward 2 years from the hook-up and a past sexual partner is having sex with a man. She probably felt that she now knew how she was infected. This is my own opinion based on what I heard at the 7:40 mark. If you listen closely, she almost admits it. She said, “I take it personal, because you gave me A-…” Click the link and listen for yourself and tell me in the comments what you think

The video is hard to watch if you have a low tolerance for ghetto ignorance but it is slightly entertaining. If you care to read the article about her murder, here ya go

Sadly, she was murdered like 2 hours after this video was posted to Facebook. She told us in the video that he threatened her and 2 hours later she was dead. I do not believe that the men were ever charged.

In conclusion, it’s best to mind the business that pays you. There is absolutely nothing at all that a woman can do to force a man to admit that he is sexually attracted to men. Nothing. If they choose to hide it you can only accept that you might be sharing your man with another man, or just stop fucking them if this is unacceptable for you. That is the ugly truth that straight women hate to hear. Are you psychic? Are you going to hire a private investigator for every male that you date? It seems to me that it would behoove you to just stop judging and listen more. Ask questions without sarcasm and hopefully you will get the truth. If a man admits to you that he is bisexual or secretly gay, please don’t starts screaming and yelling out slurs. This could be deadly for you. Men are dangerous regardless of who they fuck. If you piss him off it might cost you your life. Learn from Jane and simply move on to the next. He might be secretly gay too, by the way 🤷🏽‍♀️ remember the tweet said that they all are. Regardless of who he is PLEASE use a condom. Even if you feel in your heart that he could never touch another man 🙄 doesn’t matter because men catch STD’s from women too. Men are risk takers and they will fuck anything and anyone. Better safe than sorry. Good luck and please stay safe.

I go deeper into this discussion in my Shadow Side of Men mini course & I come through with receipts. If you are not registered yet use this link to join the next discussion. You won’t regret it!

See you all on Youtube soon 🧜🏿‍♀️❤️💵


  1. I do believe more men would engage in homosexual activities if they knew women would not care. I have heard men say such things they would give themselves oral pleasure if they could or find other ways of pleasure on demand that did not require a woman. We do not need to go back to the days of the down low brothers at all! Let them be in their truth.

    At the same time, I know men when they were children, either older children or men have attempted to sexually assault or inappropriately touch them. They definitely did not like it. I do not agree with the statement with all men but perhaps more men than we realize would engage in homosexuality.

  2. I do think men would engage homosexual activity If people were not watching as well as not being judged doing it. This even goes men who are considered the most macho man, a religious man, and any other type man. I have a gay friend where the guys that bullied him and the ones who are considered the popular, said to him “that they wouldn’t mind if they would take it up in the a** and wouldn’t mind would being a bottom.”

  3. Excellent article! Ladies please take the mini course! The time of keeping our heads buried is DONE!
    I would advised that at this point women need to assume that the majority men they’re intimate with have been intimate with other men. If that makes your stomach sink,LEAVE MEN ALONE like the Heauxlistic Mermaid said.
    Also, pregnant women should not have sex while pregnant AT ALL! The probability of STI increases because the male partner is often having sex with other men because they don’t have to worry about another pregnancy and men don’t mind rage & aggression during sex : this allows him to relieve the stress of having to pretend to be a supportive father to be.

  4. I really enjoyed the article. I’m part of the community and this is well known for Men. Grown folks are going to do what grown folks are going to do. Mind your business and protect yourself at all times!

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