A few nights ago I discussed envy on Youtube and it seems that I triggered at least one of the viewers. The emails that I get are usually fun to read but it’s also sad to see women having a meltdown because a content creator said something that hit too close to home. Did the video strike a nerve? Was I too honest? A lot of women have an issue with envy and obsessing over other women and it’s toxic and damaging. Before I share the email that I received, let’s look at the article that I shared today that got one woman in a tizzy 🙄

I found this article

The article listed the following 5 things that people envy about beautiful women:

1. We envy the attention men give to beautiful women. There are few beauties that go unnoticed by men. Whether it be a quick glance or a hard stare, men admire them.

2. Women envy her beauty because they want her life. Her beauty makes them feel insignificant and insecure.

3. It’s easy to envy a beauty’s confidence. She appears calm, collected and confident as she strolls through the grocery store.

4. Many women envy her effortless social life. Anyone would be hard pressed to turn these lovely women down.

5. Beautiful women get what they want, and we envy that fact. She knows how to use her beauty to her advantage.

I also read five horrible consequences that come with envy:

1. Envy poisons the mind. These women give a false perception of reality. A woman who appears beautiful and confident has insecurities too. They are human too, and they have the same feelings as anyone else.

2. Envy causes unreasonable ambition that is dangerous for your body and mind. Ambition is great, but unreasonable ambition is dangerous. Set reasonable goals that are within you physical abilities. Make sure you consult a physician for the best plan to meet your goals.

3. Envy makes it difficult to be satisfied with yourself. Looking at someone else’s beauty may cause a negative self-image. Be your own lovely self! Hold up your head, because you are beautiful and loved. Open your eyes and see it for yourself.

4. Envy creates anger in the heart. It’s easy to rage over the concept of “why them, and not me.” This interpretation is damaging to your psyche. Beautiful women are normal, and they have insecurities too. It’s unrealistic to feel anger or resentment. See yourself as perfect in your own right and compare yourself to no one.

5. Envy will lead you away from your personal destiny. Envy is destructive and powerful. It can blind you if you allow it. Keep your feet on the ground and your focus on yourself. Do not envy anyone for any reason; it will lead you down a blind path.

Being envious is extremely damaging, and it is not worth the heartache and pain. Instead of envying her beauty, admire her and remember that she is not perfect – no one is. You are amazing, you are loved and you are your own definition of beautiful.

Maybe someone can tell me what is wrong with this article? What exactly triggered this woman so bad that she needed to email me about my video that she could easily just not watch? Didn’t we JUST talk about hate watchers and how it’s creepy and weird to engage in something that you don’t enjoy? I won’t post her name or email address, but this is what she sent to me.

I want to suggest that women stop being so triggered and try to have a better year. Try to be productive and happy for a change. Stop engaging in this cringy behavior. There’s a lot of life to live. Go travel or get a facial. Engage in less obsessing and more self care. Remember that envy comes with consequences dear ❤️

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