Men will resent you if you hold them down while they struggle.

I was on Instagram a few days ago and I came across a post on a page called @feminism_4her. The post was about a woman who has been holding down her broke ass man because he lost his job, and now he resents her. Yes, you heard that right. He resents her for paying his way. I completely understand why and this is something that I talk about often. Manhood is very fragile and a man needs to fall on his face if necessary. If a man is unsuccessful or broke the best thing for you to do is to get the fuck away from him. Stop trying to hold men down. Stop coddling men. Stop being the ride or die. Men don’t understand this and they also don’t appreciate it. It always causes them to resent to you. You are standing in the way of his manhood. He needs to fall off of the horse and get up and try again without any assistance from a woman. If he dies, he dies 🤷🏽‍♀️

I think that women have a hard time understanding that men are nothing like us. Being nurturing and caring is something that you do with your children. It is not smart at all to do this with a grown adult man. It’s not sexy to be the nurturer. It’s not sexy to stick around and financially support him through his struggles. Men love bitches. They try to shame women about “gold digging”, but they always go after golddiggers as soon as they have the money to afford one. This is very telling and just proves that they know that it takes money to get pretty women. Nobody wants the low hanging fruit. If you want a man to see value in you then stop being so accessible to them. Stop making it so easy to be with you. This woman would’ve been a lot better off explaining to her man in the beginning that she only wants to be with a successful man who can provide. When he lost his job she should’ve given him a very small amount of time to get back on his feet, and she should’ve been distant while he was doing that. Get out of his way and let him figure it out. Stop rubbing his back and telling him that it’s going to be OK and THEN financially supporting him. You’re taking on a mommy roll, but then you want to be the girlfriend too? You want to breastfeed him and you want him to want to fuck you? Sis, you can be encouraging without smothering him and constantly reminding him that he is a failure. Paying his bills and giving him money just reminds him that he can’t provide right now and that puts him in a feminine position. You are now the man of the house. Next step? He’s going to cheat with a woman who is easier to impress.

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Honestly I could go on and on about this. Did we learn nothing from Wendy Williams? Didn’t we all see Wendy Williams financially support Kelvin Hunter? She even employed his broke ass. He took his pay from the Wendy Williams show and bought a home down the street for his broke ass mistress. And that’s because the broke ass mistress was not financially supporting him. She was looking to him for help. She was a feminine damsel in distress who needed him. That made him feel like a man. Wendy Williams being the breadwinner of the family made him feel inferior. This is why it’s never smart to date or marry a broke man. Poor man are dangerous. A man should have at least as much money as you, preferably more. Going 50-50 is stupid but completely carrying him through his unemployment is extremely stupid. And the reason why he was so chatty and comfortable with other women is probably because they are not coddling him. They expect something. They give him something to work for. Meanwhile the girlfriend is paying his bills and keeping him fed. Horrible idea.

A few days ago we had our Pussy Management 101 course and Goddess Hiromi told us about a book titled “Why Men Love Bitches”. Here’s the link to it in case you all want to buy it

Kindle Paperback

I did not get a chance to read this book yet but I do believe that this might explain some of what I’m trying to share in this blog post. I plan to start reading it this week and I hope that you all will do the same. I don’t date men but I talk to men for a living and I talk about men for a living so I’m reading the book for research purposes. If you are a woman who dates men or you’re married to a man or you’re planning on being with a man in the future PLEASE GET THIS BOOK! Because in 2023 women still believe that being a provider for a man is OK. it’s so odd to me that this woman could not see how masculine and unsexy this was. It was right in front of her face and she still couldn’t grasp it. He told her that she lost him along time ago, and that was probably the very day that he lost his job and she embraced him and opened her wallet to him. That’s when she lost him and this is completely her own fault. Stop being so understanding. If a woman gains too much weight or if you neglect your skin or hair men will run away. Because women are expected to be beautiful. Women need to learn to be just a savage as men. You take care of your looks because you want them to stay around. They should keep their income flowing to keep you around. I’m not understanding why 1+1 is not equaling 2 for some women but if you continue to be silly and weak for men you will pay the price every time.

If after reading this post you feel that you are interested in understanding more about the Shadow Side of Men I invite you to register for my event coming up in two weeks.

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3 thoughts on “Men will resent you if you hold them down while they struggle.

  1. I remember the book Why Men Love Bitches, and it was good. I think it gives a basic framework on how to ensure being treated with common decency and not as a doormat.

    As for the Reddit post, I hope this woman walks away post-haste and grows a backbone. Dude sounds like a cornball, insecure loser.

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