The Sun and Moon are conjunct in Virgo this month, giving us a chance to revamp our routines, implement changes that improve our day-to-day lives, and rediscover our connections to work, healing, and service. Any new moon in Virgo is an opportunity to be more selective in how we spend our time, energy, and attention, and to make changes to our daily routines that promote better health, usability, and effectiveness. Today is a good moment to examine our priorities, organize and manage our lives better, and start new initiatives that call for accuracy and close attention to detail. This is also the perfect time to let go of anyone or anything that may be holding you back. Sometimes, elevation requires separation. I know this to be true for sure.

A good time to start new healing paths, establish new daily routines, and make decisions that support our overall well-being is during this New Moon, which may shed light on our healing process and our relationship to health. I am currently on day 5 of a 7 day cleanse. I started this cleanse with the ladies in my private course. This was the perfect time for this. I am also rethinking my daily routines and just focusing on my overall health in general. Are you doing the same? Do you write things down? Make a list and get organized. This new moon is here to assist you. Use it.

This lunation reminds us of the oneness between the ordinary and the extraordinary and draws our attention to the interdependence of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Around this time, we might pay more attention to how our inner state is reflected in the events and interactions in the outside world and learn the spiritual teachings that are present in every day life.

The Virgo New Moon serves as a reminder that prioritizing our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being is an investment that will pay off in the long run. These days, we will have opportunities to identify dysfunctions, fix them, and bring our mental, physical, and emotional bodies back into balance.

When the Moon is in Virgo, we might have a propensity to rely on our work, overly rigorous reasoning, and perfectionism in order to feel good about ourselves and stay away from unpleasant emotions. An obsession with structure, routine, and daily rituals might be a means for us to control Life and detach from the realization that it is ultimately beyond our control.

Life doesn’t have to be a succession of catastrophes that happen one after another, even though Virgo teaches us to learn from them. Equally crucial to making sure we are properly organized and mentally ready for what is coming or what could come is making sure we are taking time to unwind, relax, and do nothing. Another major theme of the coming days and weeks will be finding a harmonious balance between order and chaos, control and surrender, discipline and flow, as suggested by the Sun and Moon’s oppositions to Neptune in Pisces.

When we fall short of expectations, when progress is more slowly than we would like, when we make mistakes, or when we don’t know something we feel we ought to know, it could be tempting to be overly strict, critical, and hard on ourselves during this lunar cycle.

This is an excellent time to become more aware of how and when we tend to criticize ourselves or others, as well as to increase our compassion levels while keeping in mind that the road to development and healing is seldom a straight one.

Earlier tonight we experienced a powerful new moon ritual in our Heauxlistic Therapy course. The Mermaids in the course are mastering the art of manifestion. I was very clear about the ways to use this new moon and I asked them a very important 1 word question: How? You want to manifest money, love, success, happiness…. ok sis. But how? What are the steps that you plan to take to get to your goal? This new moon is all about PLANNING. Again, write things down.

I could go deeper into this topic but I do save the best for my private space. If you are interested in joining us just CLICK THIS LINK

Enjoy the new moon and check back often. I will be posting to my blog weekly. Ttyl Mermaids

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