The males are at it again. This time they are targeting little girls on Pinterest.

Last year I created a 6 month course on the Shadow Side of Men. The ladies who joined were exposed to a different side of males. I started the course off by showing them a video of a deranged male who decided that he no longer needed his penis after his divorce, so he cut it off. Piece by piece. For 6 months we discussed the secrets that males keep from women and society and I played several recordings of males confessing that they are sexually attracted to minors. Some of them even confessed to actual crimes. Do I need to elaborate? You get the picture right? Well the 6 month course has ended and I’m not sure when I might do it again, but I host a 2-3 hour mini course whenever the mood hits me. The next one is coming up. Register here:

Anywho, when we started our 6 month course I gave the ladies a link to a secret groupme chatroom. The 6 month course ended in Oct but we still have the chatroom and we post daily. I checked the chat yesterday and found a video from a woman who is exposing the disgusting behavior of males on Pinterest. Fucking PINTEREST of all places. Check this out.

Then I found a few articles about this.

Washington Post woke it up too.

So basically no place is safe. Women & girls can’t even create cute boards and save their memories. Males are ruining that too. It’s so strange to see some women choosing to ignore the disruption and danger that males bring to every single space that they ever occupy. Is there anything at all that does not arouse them? After years of sex work, I struggle to find something that might turn them off. I think that males are good at pretending to not be sexually aroused because it’s just not socially acceptable to be horny 24/7. But I feel confident that they are indeed horny 24/7 & nothing stops it. Not even the risk of going to prison or having to register as a sex offender. A cold shower won’t stop them. Watching their wives suffer from labor pain won’t stop them. I could give so many examples of males demanding sex from their wives during labor or immediately after giving birth, but let’s save that for another day.

One of my callers told me that his wife had postpartum depression after giving birth to his daughter. So he decided to jack-off on his infant daughter’s face to relieve his horniness. She was an infant. In her crib. He didn’t care. It gets worse and I have it all recorded for my next SSOM mini course. Register.

I know that some of you are suffering from shock and disappointment after reading my blog posts. I am not sorry. Again, I do not write for little girls. This is the true nature of males. They fuck each other regularly and they desperately want to fuck children. You want another bitter pill to swallow? They fuck animals too 🤷🏽‍♀️ I have years of sex work and so many recorded calls. It’s not up for debate. If you can’t handle it please stop visiting my blog. It won’t get any easier and I have so so much more to share.

I’ll see you all in my mini course 🧜🏿‍♀️❤️💵

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