1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of a rape or attempted rape in her lifetime.

This blog post is a space for all women to call out your abuser. You can remain anonymous if you choose to. You can name the abuser or not. Tell your story. Free yourself.

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  1. James Winchester from Akron Ohio raped me while I was drunk, in and out of consciousness.

    I was barely legal and started experimenting with alcohol. I grew up in a strict, sheltered household so when I was able to participate in activities my parents didn’t know about, I went all out.

    One night my friend and I decided to visit her boyfriends house. Her boyfriend had a roommate, James, who I was kinda diggin. The males started feeding us shots of Svedka and (what felt like seconds later) I blacked out. Next thing I knew, I was bent over in James’ room hearing him tell me to “arch it”. I look behind and see him pounding me from the back. I push his torso away but he kept going.

    He then stopped.

    “Ughhh if I knew you was on your period I would have never tried to fuck you! Why aint you say anything?”

    I had no words. I then started vomiting on the side of his bed. He put a trash can next to me so that I can finish throwing up.

    While this was happening to me, my friend went to a club downtown.

    In the years following this event, I blamed her for leaving me alone with those males, so I hated her for a while.

    I also hated myself for allowing myself to let this happen.

    I do not hate anyone in this situation except him. I went years without telling anyone in fear of being blamed.

    He raped another young lady a few years after me.

    He was sentenced to 18 years in prison. 🙌🏽

  2. Jurica Stefancic sexually assaulted me when I was 15/16 and he was 13/14. We grew up together in a big group of friends that spent summers together at the seaside. I had known him for 5-6 years before this happened.

    I had never gotten drunk before and was at his parent’s house with another boy, Hrvoje. They got me wasted on on homemade wine and I started slipping in and out of consciousness. I came to, lying in the ocean (I think they thought the water would shock me sober) with him sitting on my chest trying to put his dick in my mouth, I just remember trying to say “No” and moving my head – don’t remember if he managed to get it in, don’t want to remember.

    I came to again when they slumped me against the front door of our beach house, knocked and ran. I don’t remember going inside, just that I was the most hungover I’ve ever been in my life the next day. I didn’t even recover this memory until a few years ago.

    I remember that these two boys were hooking up with all the girls in our friend group except me as I was uninterested in so I can only assume this was their revenge.

  3. Sig on clubhouse made me accountable for my actions and called me out on the way that he made me feel I should be entitled to feel however I want and that includes when I’m in the wrong but I want to feel right

  4. Hi my name is jaree suber I’ve been a subscriber of both your channels for a couple of years and I’ve been inspired by the help that you do for victims of predators and rapists and I’ve been contemplating on how I should go about getting help for victims of my family that been preyed upon, I’ve spoken up twice about this to my family and they’ve let it continue on because they’re cowards and ignorant and they’re are rape apologists, I’m tired of being a bystander and letting the rapist by the name of “Jahlil Dupree” continue to live a life where he faces no consequences for his wicked actions and so I was wondering if you could help me bring this taboo situation to the light, I would be so grateful if you could help thank you🙏🏾

  5. Around the age of I would say about 4-6 years old, can’t really pinpoint what age I was . My grandfather called me into the room one night while my grandma was making dinner. He placed me on his lap while he was lying on the bed. I was sitting on top of him how you would with your sexual partner when your riding it. He began tickling me acting as though he was just playing with me but I couldn’t help my notice that at the same token he was actually moving my body back and forth on his hard penis. The vision of that day played in my head for the rest of my life. The older I got I realized how wrong and disgusting he was. I distanced myself from him and never told anyone about it.

    Another incident :
    My older cousin , sister and I were watching a movie one night. My sister went to the bathroom , my cousin told me to go on top of him, he literally did the same thing my grandfather did, tickling me acting as tho he was playing with me while moving my body on his penis. Now if he felt he wasn’t doing anything wrong he would of continue by time my sister came out the bathroom. However he knew it was wrong because as soon as my big sister got out the bathroom he threw me off of him very quickly so she wouldn’t see. All I could think of was why is my vagina beating this way and why did he remove me so quickly once my sister came back in the room. I later in my adult life realized that he also is disgusting and weird. I never told anyone in my family but I keep my distance from these two people. I’m scared to ruined the family and cause chaos. Although this isn’t the most traumatic situation and I know other women have been through way worst it still feels awful to know my own blood and flesh could do this to me like I wouldn’t have those weird memories in my mind forever .

    Another incident: my cousins sister who was close in age to us but probably 3 years older than us, she use to kiss on me and almost forced me to give my cousin h** . Luckily my grandma was on the phone and got concerned because we were too quiet and you know kids are not up to no good when their quiet. She came into the living and caught my cousin in the action of forcing my head down to preformed oral sex. I still feel confused whether to be upset and my sister cousin because she was young as well and only did what she was taught . Background story she later admitted later in life that she had been raped by someone in her family .

  6. I am a survivor of incest by my father. He has raped kids, his stepdaughter, stepson, his sister, and me. My mother has no problem with him- I’m the bad person because I wanted to speak up against him and because I was a child that didn’t happen. I’m 50 years old now and I still have nightmares.

  7. In 2010 or so I was a college student at UGA, and a friend from my hometown came over to hang out. All 3 of my roommates were in their rooms upstairs studying, and he brought some nasty cheap vodka over. I began drinking with him and shooting the shit, thought nothing of what was going on.

    He pressured me to take several shots, and at the time I was very much trying to forget my psychotically religious parents so I was all about getting wasted. So I did, got black out drunk, and went to sleep. I told him he could sleep over bc he was a friend I had known since high school, and all my roommates were home, I thought nothing of it.

    At some point that evening, he came into my room and sodomized me. The next morning I realized what happened. My ass is exit only, always has been, so I knew this was NOT consensual. I never liked him like that, I actually had a crush on his younger brother, but would have never messed with him like that.

    I told a couple of my friends years later, and even went so far as to confront him, like 8 years after it happened. However, I did so through fb messenger, and he never responded. I have since blocked him and deleted all of my social media accounts. This man looks like Jesus and his name is Wade Coleman. He is prob about 34 now and lives in Savannah,GA. If I ever see him again, I will prob kick him in his groin.

  8. Officer Tom Brown (Jacksonville, Florida) has been making inappropriate advances toward me for the past few months, the same officer has asked if I was 15 (I’m 30) and made me feel uncomfortable with questions like, “How do you not like being touched, what if your husband wants to touch you?”. I’m neurodivergent nonbinary and I don’t fool with males. I was cursed out, mocked, bullied, humiliated, brow beat, gaslighted, and verbally abused for simply saying I was a veteran and I served my country just like they are serving and deserve respect. These males pick on targets they deem as soft. I am dually disabled. Creepy thugs cloaked in blue are a real issue in this country (USA). I told the officer to respect my boundaries and that I don’t like to be touched because I’m a late diagnosed autistic adult female (PDA) and he still made it his mission to turn my struggle into sexual innuendo. I have called him out in person yesterday amongst his peers and he cursed me out and became very belligerent as I stood my ground. I am a soldier too, I don’t intimidate easy. Anyway, I say all this to say I found it extra creepy that when no one could hear him he asks if I was 15 years old… He needs to be examined. My youthful appearance stems from my ethnic background and autism.

  9. Childhood I remember:
    Born a disabled kid and needing to wear a back brace and see a specialist until my mom just didn’t feel like taking me anymore I was physically beat and abused my older brother Joseph Simmons and sexually abused by my oldest brother William Simmons until the age of 13
    Verbally abused by my heroin and porn addicted father Joseph Carter of whom would threaten to hurt me if I didn’t stop following him around the house , in his paroid rages. I would hide in the basement.

    In school I was always beat and bullied my males and to punish me my mom would send me to school without underwear.

    My cousin Rodney Carter sliced my arm open to the white meat with a butcher knife at 14 because he said I disrespected him earlier in the day. I was never taken to the hospital by my parents as it was forced to heal wrapped in papertowels. My brothers left me in the middle of a highway with speeding cars and throw rocks at my grandmother’s trailer and tell my aunt I did it so that I would get beatings.

    Teen pregnancy
    At 16 I started to experience mental health problems, i shaved my head and got pregnant with my first child. My aunt took me in while pregnant briefly because I was homeless and I was physically abused my 26 year old male cousin by him making me slap myself by holding my wrists and then again by being repeatedly hit with a basketball in my back by him. I got him arrested but through family pressure forced to drop the case.

    I thought Religion would be different
    Brother jenkings of the jehovahs witnesses yanked me at my neck with my scarf in a room full of other older men. Sterling brown, former criminal turned “holy” of the kingdom hall of Jehovahs witnesses verbally started abusing me at the behest of the gossiping hating ass women in the kingdom hall and then punched me in back repeated in a crowded room and I was told by brother Mathis that Sterling (his friend) told him that “we” play like that all the time
    And that I was just trying to get “this good brother” in trouble by speaking about it.

    Although most of my childhood memory was gone I was able to draw these experiences in a impatient facility with a physicitrist after trying to take my life for the almost successful time.

    I still struggle everyday with my self worth and not wanted to take my life but the best progress is realizing it is NOT my fault.

  10. Sam Attah raped me on the 28 of April 2011. I met him at the University of Hertfordshire through a Jamaican British colleague. This wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t molested by my sister when I was 6 years old. It lasted for 2 years. She also dropped me down the stairs more than once so I could have brain damage, thus I won’t thrive when I go up. I was also raped at 15 by a 13-year-old biracial boy and had a near-rape scenario by a 13-year-old black boy if a black headmistress (who constantly mocked me among my housemates (mostly black males) for having a learning disability) did not intervene. She put the blame on me, claiming that I enticed the boys once I joined boarding school. My experience with molestation, assault and rape made me have a strong discernment not to trust males (especially black males regardless of their age because they’re all the same) and male-identified women. Like-minded women, please protect your energy and your sanity.

  11. My husband has schizophrenia and has been mentally and emotionally and physically abusive to me , the mental is more terrifying, he purposely put me in terrible situations and watch me wreck my brain to get put of it , like the movie saw. He gives me food to when I’m obeying him. He takes things from me if I disobey him. And this is the mild things he do to me. He calls me ugly everyday.

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