Should I give a trigger warning? Because this blog post is going to trigger some of you.

For the past few days BLACK WOMEN have been dragging Ciara all over social media because they are jealous of her marriage and her body. It’s not a new thing. Black women do this often and I’m going to talk about it. There. There’s your trigger warning.

Ciara is fine as fuck and she decided to show off her fine ass body at this year’s Vanity Fair Oscar Party. It’s important to point out that she was not the only one wearing a revealing dress. But for some reason SHE is the target for unappealing boring black women who seem to be bitter because they will never look like her. I wanted to understand why so I opened a clubhouse room to discuss it and the mermaids broke it down as usual. First let’s take a careful look at what Ciara wore. Gag whores. Gag.


When I first saw this I was struggling to find the issue with Ciara’s dress because it looks like damn near everybody was damn near naked. But it’s clear to me now. The issue is bitter hateful unattractive black women. Yall can get ready to cancel me after this post. I do not care the truth is the truth. Let’s get into it.

BLACK WOMEN ARE A VERY ENVIOUS AND NASTY COLLECTIVE OF WOMEN. I said what I said and I mean it. If the shoe don’t fit don’t force it. We are all old enough to understand that this does not apply to every single black woman. But this definitely applies to the majority of black women and it’s been this way for a long time. Almost all of the nasty social media comments about Ciara’s dress are from BLACK WOMEN. Black women are calling her a whore, saying that she is embarrassing her husband, even accusing her of dressing sexy to get her ex Future back… How pathetic is that? Why on earth would Ciara care about getting back with Future when she has the man that you all will never have? I think that these black women are bitter that Ciara didn’t settle for being the typical miserable baby mama. It was less than smart of her to believe that she could actually have a healthy adult relationship with FUTURE of all people in the first place. But she was young (still is) and young women make mistakes in relationships. Either way, she got pregnant and the relationship quickly fell apart. Now this is what really grinds their gears. Instead of hopping over to the next penis and getting baby #2 and ending up a double single baby mama like the majority of black moms, Ciara decided to have self control and self respect. She met the man who prayed for her and she got the ring before giving him her body. Are other black women not capable of doing that? Are these bitter black women not able to see the baby mama pattern that their moms and aunts and friends followed? At some point shouldn’t an adult woman understand that 1 mistake is enough? Call me judgmental. Say that I’m “baby mama shaming” 🙄 but truth is truth sis. If you are one of the women who hopped on social media to criticize Ciara’s dress, can you tell us why you did that? Are you triggered because Ciara is a mom of 3 and she’s snatched and beautiful MEANWHILE your body looks like it’s melting? Are you bothered that she can dress sexy and she still got the ring? One of the mermaids, Raven, brilliantly explained this on clubhouse. Raven mentioned that black women are pissed that they fell for the scam. This is true and I think it explains some of backlash. Some of the negative comments are from women who have been too afraid to live out loud! They believed that bragging about being a homebody and tweeting about how much of a respectable lady they are would get them a husband. They posted about staying home and not being “in the streets” all to try to get attention from men. No personality, no experiences, sitting around trying to be “wifey material”. And now here they are all over twitter with their unmarried thumbs and mad at Ciara. Still single. Still lonely. Still not chosen. Ciara did everything that they were too afraid to do and she got what they wanted in the end. The ring.

Some of the negative comments came from women who are single baby mama’s with multiple baby daddy’s and they are so bitter that Ciara didn’t go down the same miserable road that they chose. It stings to see that she chose the wrong man then stopped herself and chose better. These bitter tweeters are pissed because couldn’t do it. Being alone and doing the work to choose better is too hard. They feel worthless when a man is not around so taking time to heal and grow is never an option. They meet a man, get pregnant, he leaves, they end up raising the child alone and instantly look for a new male to repeat the same pattern. 3-5 kids later here they are. Out of shape, depressed, tired, broke, lonely and mad at the women who were smarter. They foam at the mouth when they witness another woman’s happiness. It’s like witnessing a human with mad cow disease. Tragic.

Then there’s the women who just hate their bodies but refuse to workout and eat healthy. They can’t stand to see Ciara looking so good because they know that they will never get to where she is. There’s a lot of self hate and bitterness when they look in the mirror. Ciara triggered them to the core of those empty souls. What really tickles me is seeing these same women praise Lizzo when she wears next to nothing. They cheer her on and encourage her to stay wide and unhealthy. I remember seeing overweight black women ANGRY at Lizzo because she did this detox to cleanse her body and her toxic fans assumed that she was trying to lose weight! THEY WERE ANGRY AT HER BECAUSE THEY BELIEVED THAT SHE WAS LEAVING THEM BEHIND! Lizzo actually got on her IG and explained that it was just a detox. Think I’m lying? Read it for yourself.


We talked about this on clubhouse and Seanitra (one of the mermods) explained that unattractive black women are ok with Lizzo being naked because she has less of an ability to seduce. This is a very important point. The harsh truth is that most heterosexual black women are extremely obsessed with black men. Ciara has the ability to seduce those men, so she needs to cover up. Obsessed black women will viciously attack you if they feel that black men will notice you. Please don’t you dare be pretty. Don’t have a sexy body or pretty hair. They will swarm in like deranged bees and sting you all over your face. It’s wild. And the saddest part about the obsession is that black men choose them LAST. Black men love to date women of other races. The black woman is usually not the 1st or 2nd choice. Still, most hetero black women will scream from the mountain tops that they love black men and only want black love. It’s cringy to witness this but they don’t seem to feel ashamed at all. I think that Lizzo gives overweight black women some kind of hope. She’s a celebrity and people love her even though she’s overweight, and we all know that this world does not celebrate overweight women. So overweight women feel that Lizzo will somehow make them more acceptable and desirable to the people who would normally reject them. If she decides to lose weight they will take it as a deep betrayal and drag her all over social media and cancel her. Guaranteed. Because then they don’t have an excuse. They can’t say “It’s ok that I don’t look like Ciara. I look like Lizzo and she’s beautiful too”! If they don’t have Lizzo they will have to explain why they are overweight when Ciara is a mother of 3 and snatched to the Gods! Accountability is an issue for a lot of black women and most black women in America are obese. Lizzo is the cover girl. They need her to stay big and beautiful.

Karamel (another mermod) told us that she witnessed black women online saying things like “Why would she wear this when she already has a man”? They feel that Ciara wore her beautiful revealing dress because she’s a greedy. Karamel explained that these women cannot understand a married woman wearing a sexy dress because they feel that a woman should only dress sexy to GET a man. Once you already HAVE one there’s no reason to dress sexy anymore. They don’t understand that they can dress sexy for themselves. They don’t understand self-love. Everything is about finding a black husband. This is a mistake that a lot of women make and I talk about this all the time. I cannot count how many married man tell me on our phone sex calls that their wife was hot before she got the ring. Then they got married and she let herself go. This is not only something that men confess on phone sex callls. I have seen man on talk shows back in the 90s and early 2000’s admitting the same feelings. Something completely goes over women’s heads when men speak. It’s 2023 and women still feel that once you got the man you need to stop being sexy. Men keep showing and telling them that that’s not what they want. A married man will cheat on his boring homely wife with a stripper or a sexy younger woman and it still does not click that being sexy is important all the time. It’s so mind-boggling to see these women hear a man complain about this and still not comprehend it. Something is missing somewhere. I personally do not date men or care about men but those of you who do really puzzle me. Are you not listening? Are you not seeing who they cheat on you with? Does this not tell you that men loves sexy women? What’s even crazier is seeing black women online saying that Ciara was embarrassing Russell Wilson. They are so obsessed with protecting and defending black men that they are attacking a fellow black woman because they feel that he might possibly be embarrassed. I saw Russell Wilson standing next to his wife looking happy and proud. He probably picked out the dress. You probably paid for the damn dress. No man wants a woman that no one else wants. Derrick Jaxn is a perfect example. His homely Christian covered up wife is sitting at home reading her Bible and he’s in Miami with a half naked hoe. When will yall start taking notes? This seems like very basic common sense to me but for some reason women cannot fucking grasp this. Being the boring homely basic chick is never going to keep a man sis. They might stay around because you cook for them and you tolerate them but that half naked whore will always be somewhere collecting his money and getting a lot of his attention. He will always look at your boring ass and wonder why you can’t just be like her. I know it because I am that whore. But I know how much you uppity chicks hate to listen to whores so let me just keep my information to myself for now. I put the real truth behind a pay wall and if you want it you can register for my upcoming Shadow Side of Men course. Learn the truth about men and free yourself. Stop being bitter. Stop getting played. Stop being delusional. Click this link and register now


If you are triggered by Ciara’s dress, you definitely need the SSOM course.I think it’s also a good idea to start a self care journey. Spend more time getting your looks and life in order and stop focusing on this beautiful happily married woman. It’s shameful. Are you not embarrassed? I have 2 important Amazon lists for you. Please use them.

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Ciara responded in the pettiest way and I’m here for the whole unbothered clapback


Leave a comment and tell me how you really feel. It’s ok to admit that you are bitter and jealous. Thats the first step in healing. See you all soon 🧜🏿‍♀️


  1. I agree the bitter unmarried women should mind their children, bad breath and nasty houses. Go wash your tub and clean your kitchen sis she is a celebrity wife doing her thing looking good and keeping her husband’s attention!

  2. I love your blog. And I agree, dressing in a way that makes you feel sexy *only* to secure a relationship is a fail.

  3. She looks fine AF!!! I’m so put off by a lot of black women. So many are raised from young to be bitter and competitive with other black women – simply because they see another black woman being happy, content, carefree or with a smile on her face.
    No idea why they can’t mind their damn business … no actually I do! So many black women are bored, tolerating a whole heap of mess from men, got a harem of kids, financially supporting everyone, no hobbies and they are angry!! Hence, they spew hatred towards other black women. Because black men are out her f**king them up and they stay strong and silent about all of that 🤷🏽‍♀️. What else could it be??
    Plus Ciara has an amazing body …. no ant or baboon BBL.

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